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Accessibility Services (AS) collects student personal/health information only as is reasonably required to confirm service eligibility and provide appropriate supports. When we collect, use, or disclose student personal/health information, we follow applicable Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SPT) policies and the laws with which they comply. For more information about our obligation to protect your privacy/confidentiality, please see SPT’s Privacy/Access page.

Purpose/Use of Student Intake Form
This form requires you to share a certain amount of personal/health information. We will use this information to create your AS registration record and to facilitate your first meeting with an accessibility counsellor. We will also use it to assist us in providing services/supports tailored to your needs.
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AS requires adequate medical/disability-related documentation* to confirm student eligibility for services/supports.

For more information about documentation criteria, please visit this page.

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Self-Assessment of Academic Needs

Academic Supports
In your educational career, have you ever had any extra academic supports (e.g. specialized programming; notetaking supports; reading/math supports; tutoring) or exam supports (e.g. extra time; separate room; exam reader)?
For example: coping strategies, assistive technology, personal counselling, other supports?

Preliminary Assessment of Funding Needs

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Collaborative Nursing Students

I understand that in order to receive accommodations at both Saskatchewan Polytechnic and the University of Regina, I will need to register at both institutions. I give permission to Accessibility Services to collect and share information with University of Regina, Centre for Student Accessibility in order to ensure consistent support in the Collaborative Nursing program (SCBScN, ADNP and CNPP). I understand the above statement and agree to allow Accessibility Services at Saskatchewan Polytechnic to collect and share information with University of Regina Centre for Student Accessibility. Select I Agree below.

For Collaborative Nursing Students Only
University of Regina Intake

In addition to this intake, please fill out the intake with the University of Regina Centre for Student Accessibility

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Document verifying disability guidelines can be found here